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At Verified Franchise Broker Leads, we use our expertise and technology to make your job easier. We concentrate on finding your potential business so that you and your team can concentrate on closing the business.

We use the criteria you set forth for what the best possible candidates for your franchise offering look like.  Franchise Leads Now then finds the individuals that meet those criteria and delivers them to you. With our proprietary technology and our knowledge of the industry, we know our leads are the best franchise sales leads available. That is because our process and experience produces something better than a franchise sales lead: franchise candidates.

We focus on finding you the best franchise candidates because we understand that finding new franchisees are the biggest boost to your bottom line. Rather than wasting your valuable time and resources qualifying some other company’s unqualified and unverified leads, we want you to use those resources getting new franchisees.  Our understanding of our industry is what makes us better than our competition and better for your bottom line

In addition to our superior process and franchise candidates, Franchise Leads Now does GEO Targeting by State, County or Zip code at no additional charge. All the leads in the world are useless if they aren’t buying in an area where you have availability. With Franchise Leads now, you can rest assured that the leads you get are for the geographic areas where you have a franchise to sell—and at no additional charge.

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