About Us

Franchise Leads Now is successful in part because of a proprietary technology that we use to handle leads that is joined with a process management that is unlike any other company in our field. This success and innovation is no accident.

Our Founder, Natalie Nutter, started Franchise Leads Now as a result of an industry in need of a better way to generate and qualify sales leads. Almost ten years ago, she was a franchise consultant working with the standard grade franchise sales leads. She quickly grew frustrated with leads for individuals that often were time consuming to track down, qualify, and move to the next step.

She saw that there had to be a better way to find and qualify leads before they get to the consultant so they could spend their time doing what they do best, closing sales.

Natalie’s background was varied and useful for putting together a new product for generating sales leads. She started off her career with a Mechanical Engineering degree from Purdue that she put to work for the next 15 years working in Mechanical Design Automation. Her work helped her company get national attention in Inc. Magazine’s top 100 fastest growing companies. Her company, Rasna Corporation was number 3 on the list and went on to sell for $500 Million a while later.

She decided to move from mechanical automation to business automation. She did this with a software company called Blue Martini Software. Her involvement at the start up was successful and eventually led to their going public just two years later with a $400 Billion peak market cap.

This experience in both mechanical automation and business automation through software development were critical tools for the development of her technology and process for the franchise sales lead generation industry. By looking at it in a different way, she is able to actually find what other companies just say they can find: franchise candidates that are financially verified and ready to buy franchises.