Our Leads

One of the reasons our leads are better than the average franchise sales leads are that we have better technology and a better qualifying process. This is in part because of three key elements.

Number 1: Technology

Franchise Leads Now uses a proprietary technology that has redefined the industry standard for all other franchise sales lead companies. Using our expertise and knowledge of the industry about how to isolate the best candidates from the masses makes our leads the best in the franchise-consulting field.

Number 2: Intelligence

Our company knows that you have to know everything or else you know nothing. We get the whole picture on our candidates. So when we send them to you, we are confident that our candidates will be the highest quality individuals interested in franchising.

Number 3: Creativity

Franchise Leads Now believes that we will do anything except what is ordinary. We are always looking for areas that our competitors have missed, areas that our clients need covered, ways that we can do this better and faster with more consistency than in the past. We look around at what others are doing, and make sure that we are doing anything else. Innovation drives us to be the best at what we do.

Using our three strengths, we provide our customers with the franchise candidates they want to get the results that they need to get.

GEO Targeting at No Additional Charge

Getting a candidate to our clients that is ready to do business will not work if they want to buy a franchise where you do not have any availability. Franchise Leads Now can GEO target your franchise sales leads by State, or by county, and even by zip code. Best of all, we do this at no additional charge. It’s just one of the ways we supply superior franchise sales leads to our clients.

Why We Call Verify Your Candidates

Franchise Leads Now participates in a live phone call with every candidate we deliver to you as a franchise sales lead. During this call we verify that they meet your financial specifications, that they live in an area where you have a franchise available and that they are interested in your category of franchise offering.

We know that a franchise candidate that lives in the right area and is interested in buying a franchise in your category is not all it takes to become one of your franchisees. That’s why we focus on verifying the candidate’s financial viability. We make sure that the they both meet your net worth requirement and that they have at least the minimum liquid capital available to take part in your offering. If they do not, we do not send them to you. You are also not charged a fee for this candidate.